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We invest time at the early stages of a project to listen to and fully understand the client’s ambition, so that we can tailor our contribution accordingly. Our most common services are summarised below.

From feasibility and concept to schematic and detailed design we are ready to join a project at any stage and have extensive experience in seeing the construction administration role through to successful completion.

We approach every project as a unique opportunity, knowing that one size does not fit all. We like to push boundaries and challenge the norm, we like to innovate and test different options, but ultimately we like to know that the system we’ve specified has the most appropriate balance of cost and quality for the Client’s ambition.

Many of our engineers have multi-disciplinary backgrounds and our graduate development scheme promotes exactly that, as we believe having a deep understanding of all disciplines results in designs that are more robust and better coordinated.

Key Services:

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Public Health

  • Fire protection

  • Building Management Systems

  • Monitoring and metering

  • ICT/AV/Security

  • Vertical transportation

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As the demand for global connectivity continues to grow, so has our experience in commissioning management of mission critical facilities. From the smaller distributed server rooms integrated within commercial real estate to the vast data halls of hyperscale colocation providers delivered over multiple phases, our approach is consistent and our goal is clear: to power up with confidence.

Whilst the foundation to our approach begins with a methodical, compliance-driven process, for us the key to a successfully commissioned building is dialogue. That is, acknowledging each stakeholder as an expert in their field, appreciating their point of view and establishing a common ground on which to build a path to success. In other words, we put collaboration at the heart of our approach.

We are familiar with the many third party and owner provided digital platforms available to aid commissioning management and happily adopt them as required by the specific project, but we also use tools we’ve developed to complement those being used by the wider team.
When it comes to successful project delivery, the busiest period often coincides with the most difficult, final stretch of the project, when prior project delays may compound the already intense pressure of meeting the programme. The challenge at this point is to overcome these pressures collectively, resolve issues professionally and to deliver a project that the whole team can be proud of.

Our typical approach to Commissioning Management:

Level 0 – Programme & Review
  • Review design documentation
  • Prepare commissioning plan

  • Prepare commissioning schedule
  • Prepare commissioning scripts (bilingual if required)
  • Complete summary of observations

  • Attend commissioning progress meetings

Level 1 – Factory Acceptance Test
  • Review, comment & approve FAT scripts
  • Witness first of kind factory testing
  • Produce FAT trip report
  • Prepare punch list / issue resolution log
  • Attend script development meeting
  • Pre & post test meeting

Level 2 – QA/QC Installation Checks
  • Quality inspections review and comment
  • Regular T&C Meetings
  • Produce progress reports
  • Maintain issue resolution log
  • Attend commissioning progress meetings
Level 3 – Start-up Test
  • Review & comment on startup plan, schedule & procedure
  • Witness vendor startup tests
  • Review and validate Level 3 documentation
  • Maintain issue resolution log

Level 4 – Functional Performance Testing
  • Develop Functional Performance Testing scripts
  • Witness all Functional Performance tests
  • Develop all final reports with results
  • Analyse equipment / system performance
  • Produce micro schedule & daily reports
  • Attend Cx Meetings & issue progress reports
  • Develop & maintain issue resolution log

Level 5 – Integrated System Test
  • Develop Integrated System Test (IST) Scripts
  • Develop Heat Load Test (HLT) Scripts
  • Manage/command the HLT and IST
  • Develop all final reports with results
  • Develop & maintain issue resolution log

Level 6/7 – Turnover and Closeout

  • Prepare turnover checksheet
  • Turnover inspections with operations team
  • Turnover report

  • Commissioning Closeout meeting

  • O&M Manual review

  • Participate in Lessons Learnt session

  • Develop Final Commissioning Report

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Clients often call upon our technical support when acquiring assets, portfolios or simply want a second opinion before making a large financial commitment.

Our approach is simple: technical rigour presented with clarity to provide certainty where it counts.

Due Diligence of Base Buildings
Technical system appraisal of an existing or proposed building acquisition against a pre-defined set of Client needs.

Detailed Surveys
Full and targeted condition surveys of mechanical and electrical building services.

Peer Review of Design
Whether required by the procurement protocol or simply for peace of mind, a fresh pair of eyes will always help spot oversights, flush out potential issues and help with system optimisation.

Risk Assessments
Concise presentation of the facts alongside our knowledge of the industry will help qualify, quantify and manage risk.

Fire Engineering Studies
From fire strategy advice during layout alterations to fire system risk assessments in mission critical facilities.

Compilation of Asset Registers
Clients often call upon our technical support when acquiring assets, portfolios or simply want a second opinion before making a large financial commitment.

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We provide responsive, targeted services to support specific technical challenges that may arise either in parallel with a full design appointment or completely standalone.

System Troubleshooting
Our blend of expertise in system design and commissioning management gives us a head start when troubleshooting so we’re able to resolve issues quickly.

Incident Root Cause Analysis
Our experienced multi-discipline engineers undertake rigorous investigative studies to bring clarity to the un-obvious.

Single Point of Failure Analysis
We can put any system design under the microscope and scrutinise every potential failure scenario.

Electrical Discrimination Analysis
A very specific service common in the mission critical sector that we have built a great deal of experience in with many Clients.

Resilience Analysis and Tier Accreditation Study
We are fully conversant with the Uptime Institute’s Tier Classification system and can undertake formal or informal assessments as required.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Audit
From system design and installation to maintenance records and controls regimes, we’re able to provide detailed review and advisory services to help reduce energy consumption, operational expenditure and carbon footprint.

Certifications & Attestation
Formal witnessing of events as an expert in the field.

Building Simulation Modelling
In situations requiring a dynamic analysis, we can call on the expertise of our in-house modelling team.

CFD analysis
We have extensive experience of a number of specialist Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software applications and can apply them to any application.

LEED/BREEAM Certification
From ad-hoc advice to full Registered Assessor and Certifier services, our dedicated team provide a clear and informed service.

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